Forum rules, guidelines, procedures - PLEASE READ!

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Forum rules, guidelines, procedures - PLEASE READ!

Postby Bareass172 » Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:51 am

Welcome to the BC forums!
In order to maintain order on the site as well as keep an open and friendly atmosphere there are a few guidelines I'd like to post here to avoid any future questions or confusion. Please remember that these forums are privately owned and operated by BC. While this is America and I love free speech, keep in mind that I pay the bills and therefore I call the shots. I have never been one to abuse power and I have never lent much belief to the idea that "moderator of an online forum" actually is a position of power, hehe, but the fact remains that this forum is a direct reflection on BC as a company and myself as its owner. This means that the content on this site is monitored to make sure it meets my standards and when it does not action is taken. Typically "action" means posts are locked, edited, moved or deleted, but in certain cases members who violate these rules may lose priveledges on this forum or have your username and IP address banned from future access.
I do not enjoy taking action against members or posts on these forums, I'd love to see everyone get along all the time - but that's not real life. Please read and abide by these rules - and if you think you can't then please do everyone here a favor and refrain from getting involved with these forums.

First and foremost this forum operates under the "Golden Rule".
Very simply, be respectful of other members and their thoughts and opinions. I'm not saying everyone has to agree with everything posted or discussed - if we all thought and acted the same life would be pretty boring! The fact is that there are respectful ways to address these situations that do not include rude, vulgar or disrespectful language. If you're mature enough to be here you should be mature enough to carry on a decent conversation without having to resort to personal attacks and/or name-calling. If you can't be civil in your reply then please don't reply at all. Blatant "flaming" (written attacks) will not be tolerated in any way!
This same rule applies to race, religion, culture, gender, bike make/model, etc. When posting please be mindful of any "slang" which you might feel comfortable throwing around with your friends at home, but would not be acceptable here or by others. These types of diversity are what makes life fun and interesting!
If you find yourself having repeated problems with specific members on this forum, there is a "Friends & Foes" feature in your User Control Panel where you can set certain members as "Foes". Doing this adds users to your ignore list and should help prevent further problems.

When posting please refrain from excessive vulgarity.
I am not opposed to the occasional expletive, I know that sometimes "crappy" is the only word I can find to describe a situation and I agree with George Carlin's mantra that "there are no bad words, just bad intentions." But, I do ask that if you're going to use expletives practice a little "self-censorship". Usually "cr@p", "sh!t" or "a$$" can help take the edge off what otherwise might offend someone. I know it sounds silly, but it does work! ;)
Posts or topics with excessive vulgarity may be locked, edited, moved or deleted depending on the situation. Outside of the Lounge and Off-Color forums I ask that you tag anything someone might find questionable as "Not Safe For Work" or NSFW.

Posting and you...
There are certain posting protocols that have become common courtesy.
First - NO SPAMMING! There is no need to post the same question over and over across multiple forums.
Second - Use the search feature! The fastest way to get answers to your questions is using the search feature. Before posting try using the search feature to see if someone else has already asked the same question. Very likely someone has and there will be a wealth of information on your subject. The more you refine your search by using keywords or searching specific forums only the better and more relevant your results will be.
Third - Post content where it belongs! People reading tech want tech, people reading classifieds want classifieds, the list goes on and on. Not only does this increase the odds of you getting relevant responses to your post, it also prevents wasting the time of those wanting to read and reply in only certain sections of the site. As a person who has spent a lot of time in online forums over the years I can honestly say that not much bothers me more than finding inconsiderate people posting "for sale" ads in tech or similar practices. Any post found out of place will be moved to the appropriate location, members who do this maliciously and repeatedly will be warned or banned depending on the severity of the situation.

Vendor advertising
Vendors have their own section in the forums under "classifieds". Do not try to sneak ads into other sections of the forum or spam members with information about what you're selling. BC is a business as well and we don't mind lending a hand to new vendors and products, but be respectful of us as your host.

Have fun and enjoy your time here!
These forums were established as a place on the net where all bike riders, passengers and enthusiasts could come regardless of bike, location or other interests and discuss their common interest - riding. I have a deep-seated personal belief that "it's not what you ride, but that you ride" and I'd love for this forum to embody that same ideal. Sign up, set up your profile, visit the introductions thread and make yourself at home. Invite your riding buddies, spouses, or whoever would enjoy visiting here to come on over and sign up.

Thanks to all of our members for helping make this online community the best on the net!
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