Home Depot / Lowes closeouts

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Home Depot / Lowes closeouts

Postby Bareass172 » Fri Mar 21, 2014 12:50 am

I ran by my Home Depot and Lowes tonight and they're finally blowing out any leftover Xmas tool stuff. Quantities were very limited, so no telling if you'll still have them by you.

Lowes was blowing out Kobalt brand stuff.
Wrench sets were $7 or individual wrenches were $2/each. This included both SAE/Metric in regular, stubbies, and the "twisted" wrenches where the open end is 90 degrees rotated from the box end.
Rolling tool carts (not boxes) Link - $71 (website doesn't show accurate price, but that's in the store)
338543 Kobalt 1/4-in Drive Aluminum Dual-Sided Socket Rail $3.39 was $9.97
338549 Kobalt 1/2-in Drive Aluminum Dual-Sided Socket Rail $2.99 was $9.97
338546 Kobalt 3/8-in Drive Aluminum Dual-Sided Socket Rail $2.98 was $9.97
516039 Kobalt 20-in Slot Wrench Rails $6.97
3 pc set of socket trays - metric / SAE - $5

If you buy online you can use these coupon generators and pick up in store: http://www.alunei.com/lowes-coupon-generators/#

Home Depot:
3 pc set (3 sizes) channel locks - $5
4 pc set (3 sizes) crescent wrenches - $6
3 pc set, diagonal cutters, needlenose pliers, heavy cutting dikes/pliers - $9
6 pc set mini pliers, diagonal pliers, end cutters, needlenose, etc - $5
3 pack clear plastic organizers with dividers (Link) - $3
They also had a lot of deals on last years rolling toolchests and such.

Most all this stuff is their respective lifetime guaranteed stuff.
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