SINCE THERE ISN'T A Honda Hoot anymore, How about ????

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SINCE THERE ISN'T A Honda Hoot anymore, How about ????

Postby TASSY5 » Sat Nov 28, 2009 11:58 am


I know this may sound crazy but How about, since there is No Hoot anymore We all meet in Knoxville or around there in June around the same time of month and fill a hotel up with VTX riders and others BIKE RIDERS Welcome and just ride ride ride, Eat dinner at some designated eating holes a few of those nights together as Meet and Greets and then go on our ways.

I say That because Tenn has some beautiful riding and it is a good midway point of the US for many of us riders.

Anyone want to say they would be a part of the meet if it could be arranged ???

If we got enough riders, I am sure we could have some Tenn X Riders hook us up on good rated Hotel/Motels to stay at for all of us to stay close.

Just an Idea.

riders on the VTXOA are on board so far on the Tn board and the ride trips board. How about you guys. :pop:
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Re: SINCE THERE ISN'T A Honda Hoot anymore, How about ????

Postby Mulla » Sat Nov 28, 2009 7:33 pm

If the stars align just right where they allow me to go, I will be all in. I already have a lot planned for May so my vacation days will be limited.
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